Saturday, 30 January 2010

After school

I picked my little horror up from school yesterday and she brought her friend Chelsea home with her. If ever there was a child meant to have brothers and sisters it's mine. When I was little my friends who had no siblings swore they liked it that way, but I can see my little girl is lonely being the only one. It really pulls at my heart strings that she doesn't have a sister to play with but that's the way it has turned out, sadly. On a happier note the two girls had a great time and rushed around the house like two little whirlwinds and as far as I can tell, there were no arguments. Result.

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Outlook sunny

Why am I now so interested in the weather? I can't go to bed at night without first watching the weather report after the news. Darren tells me I'm obsessed! He doesn't get it but other horse owners will understand I know. Since having a horse what it's like outside has taken on a whole new importance. Is it going to be sunny - yay, great for riding; windy - not good as he spooks if it's gusty; rainy - oh not so bad, I can cope with that, though torrential is miserable; icy or snowy - well, we have to stay at home if it's too slippy. You see, the weather forecast is crucial.

Then there's the question of rugs. How many and what ones depend on the temperature - one, two, stable rug, sheet, blanket or both?

If the taps freeze there's no water, poo picking the field is easier though when the temperature is below zero, snow means it's harder to get to the grass, while too much rain makes for a quagmire.

Yes, the weather forecast has definitely taken on a new significance since I became horsey.

Friday, 29 January 2010

The first of 2010

I am so rubbish at this blogging lark and there have been so many good things happening that I should have written about. I’ve tried to remember them but of course, I can’t.

I’m going to put it right now though and from now on will try hard to post regularly.

We had another milestone yesterday, honestly, John is such a star. We hacked out alone, did the short block, about 35 minutes and he only tried to turn back once! He did call a few times but that’s all. He was so brave and he’s obviously trusting me more. When he did try to turn for home I managed to get him going in the right direction again quite easily, he didn’t put up too much of a fight, which means he is getting used to me being in command.

In the past few months we have also mastered the big block – over an hour’s ride – and we have hacked out in company most weekends.

I also fell off, which knocked my confidence a bit I can tell you. That was in the school during a lesson. We were almost finished and were cantering on a circle. I suppose I got too complacent, the end of the lesson and all that. He spooked, shot off sharply, then changed direction sharply and shot off again – and I went out the side door. I haven’t really worked him in the school since and I know it’s silly, but I’m a bit nervous about riding in there now, especially canter, which I’ve hardly done since my fall. I know, one more hurdle to master!

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Thank God it's Friday!

It's not even 9am and I've already got a headache. My little monster has decided to play up this morning and is refusing to do anything without arguing about it. And I've got to get her to school yet. She's eight years old and she really knows how to push my buttons.

She can be so cute though. Yesterday for some reason in the car we were talking about chips - I was telling her how they were always deep fried when I was little and discussing the merits of oven v oil, just a mundane conversation, then she lit it up by having this great idea, a new invention - round chips! Her little face fell when I told her these had already been invented and are called fritters.

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Saturday, 23 January 2010

La vie en rose

Those nice people at Lush have just sent me their new Turkish Delight Body Polish (£15) and it's heavenly. Roses are my favourite flower for several nostalgic reasons, and rose oil is great for nourishing dry and more mature skin I'm told, so this is perfect for me.

To be used in the shower, this is creamy without being greasy and it smells lovely. Containing cocoa butter, rose absolute, rose oil and rose water, it's packed with skin care goodies. It left my skin feeling soft and did I mention the fragrance...

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